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Another way forward for the EU?

Following former French Prime Minister [tag]Laurent Fabius[/tag]’ recent sensible suggestions for a multi-tier Europe, over at Cicero’s Songs there’s a report on another proposal, this time from Estonian Prime Minister [tag]Andrus Ansip[/tag] (followed by some musings of Cicero’s own).

Yep, Estonia may be teeny tiny, but if one of the new eastern European member states is pointing out the flaws of a system they’ve only recently joined, you know that Chancellor Merkel’s hopes of a quick revival of the EU constitution are likely to be shattered without too much ado, no matter how hard she tries. By that stage, if more alternatives like those proposed by Fabius and Ansip are thrown into the mix, we might just end up with some decent options for debating EU reform, rather than a breeze block of a constitution dreamed up in committee by out-of-touch politicos that would still have failed to address all of the [tag]EU[/tag]’s needs, even if it hadn’t been rejected.

Update: Over at BlogEuropa, an interesting report on the current constitutional confusion, and the various moves afoot to come to a resolution.