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  • Featured in Foreign Policy magazine’s Twitterati 100 list of the 100 foreign affairs Twitter accounts to follow, 2012 & 2013
  • Winner, Internet category, European Parliament Prize for Journalism 2010: “The author has done ‘extraordinary research work’ and the article is not only ‘informative and interesting’ but also very ‘understandable and convincing’ and written ‘with a sense of humour’, according to the jury. Mr Clive-Matthews, who is ‘one of the few bloggers covering the EU seriously’, has carried out a serious statistical and comparative study but his article can also ‘be read with a lot of pleasure’.
  • Shortlisted for the inaugural UACES-Reuters Reporting Europe Award 2008 – the only blogger on a five-person shortlist that includes the Europe Editors of the BBC and The Economist
  • Finalist, “Best UK Blog” category in the Weblog Awards 2005 and 2008
  • “always excellent” – Newsweek
  • “great and even-handed” – The BBC
  • “Essential in these eurotroubled times. And other times.” – The Observer blog
  • “intriguing and well written” – European Voice
  • “consistently excellent” – The Financial Times
  • “In the often fractious and shouty world of Britain’s political blogs, J Clive Matthews’ balanced, informed and entertaining writing on British and European politics manages to rise above the murk – whatever part of the political spectrum you live on.” – The Metro
  • Featured – with an interview with Nosemonkey – in French newspaper Le Croix, 24th November 2008
  • Featured – with an interview with Nosemonkey – on BBC TV News, 1st September 2005
  • 8th most linked Blog Post of 2005 according to Blogpulse
  • Runner up in The Guardian‘s Backbencher Political Weblog Awards 2005
  • Named 3rd Best Journalistic Blog (English) by The BOBs – Deutsche Welle International Weblog Awards 2004
  • Voted 3rd “Best UK” and 3rd “Best Political” blog in AFOE’s European Weblog Awards