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Extraordinary rendition: the verdict

Sorry – missed this yesterday… The [tag]European Parliament[/tag] has yet to vote on the final report following its investigation into CIA [tag]extraordinary rendition[/tag] flights in Europe, but finalised it is (and you can download it from the temporary committee’s website in umpteen different languages).

In short:

“It is implausible, on the basis of the testimonies and documents received, that certain European governments were not aware of the activities linked to extraordinary rendition on their territory… [it is] implausible that many hundreds of flights …could have taken place without the knowledge of either the security services or the intelligence service”

Quick and easy:

  • * 10 EU governments knew of the secret (and illegal) CIA flights, and lied to cover up their actions
  • * Austria, Italy, Poland, Portugal and the UK criticised for lack of co-operation
  • * Also evidence of flights in Bosnia, Cyprus, Denmark, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Germany, Greece, Ireland, Romania, Spain, Sweden and Turkey
  • * Sanctions should be imposed against them
  • * More than 1,245 flights since 11th September 2001
  • * “in the majority of cases [these] involved incommunicado detention and [tag]torture[/tag]”
  • * “[there is a] strong possibility that some European countries may have received… information obtained under torture”
  • * EU foreign policy chief [tag]Javier Solana[/tag] criticised – “Mr Solana clearly knew more than he revealed to MEPs”
  • * Council of the [tag]European Union[/tag] (aka the Council of Ministers) criticised for lack of co-operation
  • * EU counter-terrorism co-ordinator Gijs de Vries: lacks credibility
  • * UK: 170 flights positively identified
  • * Former UK defence minister [tag]Geoff Hoon[/tag]: Criticised for lack of co-operation
  • * UK Foreign Office adviser Michael Wood: Shock expressed at his “torture’s OK, m’kay?” legal opinion
  • * Poland: Singled out for criticism, but no categorical proof of secret CIA prisons in the country
  • More: Deutsche Welle, the Independent, EU Observer, Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray, EurActiv

    The European Parliament’s Socialist Group (to which the UK’s Labour party MEPs belong….) has backed the report, the EPP-ED group has criticised it for being biased and inaccurate, so it may still not get through the European parliament without a fight. A lot of people in a lot of governments want this suppressed as much as possible.

    Not that they really care, of course – it’s not like anyone’s going to be able to force them to act on it…