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Borat does the EU

If you don’t already love the European Union’s new fascist/nationalist grouping (yep, nationalists from seven countries joining together to promote their belief that their own country is the best – I know…), Identity, Sovereignty, Tradition, then get with the programme, already (background here). This is the best bit of new political entertainment since Robert Kilroy-Silk threw a tizzy and quit UKIP to set up the short-lived Veritas.

The latest excitement continues to revolve around 23-year-old Bulgarian MEP Dimitar Stoyanov, the step-son of nutty Bulgarian equivalent of Kilroy (he’s got his own TV show and vanity party and everything), Volen Sidorov), and the chap attacked by our own nuttiest of nutty UKIP former-UKIP MEPs and fellow Identity, Sovereignty, Tradition member, Ashley Mote, of being a bit silly for going on the record with anti-semitic remarks.

It would appear that Mote had a point when accusing Stoyanov of lacking experience and “political intelligence” (even it he is acting rather like the proverbial pot in the process), as the fresh-faced fascist is brazening it out, refusing to retract his claims that

“There are very influential Jewish. They pay media to form a social point of view in people. They play with economic crises in countries like Bulgaria and grow rich”

Yep – it’s 1930s Nazi propaganda time, and this nutty nationalist has bought it hook, like and sinker.

Part of the reason for his current confidence can be put down to our own dear Grauniad, who got him confused with another Bulgarian politician of the same name – which Stoyanov Jr seems to have taken as an indication that lefties are all stupid. What with being the typical kind of loon whose own internal logic is so untroubled by little things like facts and decency, he’s going to take every opportunity to “ridicule” and “show up” his political opponents, nine times out of ten making himself look even more idiotic in the process. This should be fun.

Think I’m being mean to the poor little fascist boy? Stoyanov has already proved he’s such an idiot that he doesn’t even appear to understand that, erm… if you send an email from your parliamentary account it can, erm… be traced back to you.

Note to fascists: don’t send emails from your account to every single MEP discussing a female Hungarian MEP of Romany origin when all you’ve got to say for yourself is

“In my country there’re tens of thousands gypsy girls way more beautiful than this honorable one. In fact if you’re in the right place on the right time you even can buy one (around 12-13 years old) to be your loving wife. The best of them are very expensive – up to 5,000 euros a piece, wow!

“…Believe me, I’ve seen lots of gypsy women, but all that are at her age are much skinnier.

“…she already has received one award this year. But wait – for a youth leader? This honorable lady is almost 32 years old for the God sake!”

Yep – it’s [tag]Borat[/tag] does the European Parliament. It’s about time EU politics had some entertainment again. (Shame they couldn’t have come up with a new act, though…)