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All comments are welcome, and feel free to disagree as much as you like – just keep things civil, and show other commenters the same respect you’d like them to show you. It’ll keep things more pleasant.

Comments containing potentially libellous material may be subject to moderation or deletion, otherwise all will go up unedited, and are the responsibility of their original author.

However, please try to keep your comments on topic. If a post is about British politics, please refrain from trying to discuss your theories about other matters, or going off on long-winded sidetracks. If you’d like to debate a particular issue here, have a look through the recent posts and see if it’s already being discussed – if not, get in touch and I may write one on that subject to keep you happy. I’m nice like that.

If you go off-topic repeatedly, you’ll first be asked politely to stop – after that, your contributions may be subject to deletion. Not because I’m not a believer in free speech, but because it can prevent others from discussing the issues at hand.

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