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John Reid ignores the law

Erm… “John Reid will sanction the forced removal of up to 32 Iraqis today after telling the high court he would ignore any last-minute legal challenge to their deportation.”Yes, that’s right – the Home Secretary has announced that he will ignore legal challenges to his decisions.Yes, that’s right – the same Home Secretary who is in charge of the criminal justice system.

And that’s ignoring the issue of whether or not we should consider deporting people to a country plagued by indiscriminate daily violence and kidnappings, arguably in a state of civil war, with an inadequate policing and justice system, severely damaged infrastructure, which the Foreign Office advises against travel to, and which is so dangerous that previous deportations have had to sneak into the country on a roundabout route in chartered planes…


  1. "Ministers say it is important to demonstrate that people will be sent back to Iraq to "maintain the integrity of our asylum system" in the face or repeated criticisms."

    Well, you can't argue if there's a system, now can you? Must be OK. The integrity of the system always trumps basic human rights, it's obvious.

  2. It sounds like Reid has picked up some nasty habits from Bush and Cheney….

  3. Nope, he is even worse than them. See my rant about the Hicks citizenship deprivation affair @ The Sharpener.

  4. Tsk, law schmaw. What will you crazed liberals be asking for next, all men being judged equally?