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Hurrahs all round!

This sounds like it was fun. (Unlike this alternative protest…)

I particularly approve of protesting against the lack of hat wearing in public life – some blame the last few decades’ collapse of civil society and boom in crime on the welfare state, some on wishy-washy 1960s liberalism. Me, I blame the decline in hat wearing and the lack of well-groomed facial hair amongst today’s menfolk (and no, baseball caps and scraggly goatees most certainly do not count – a trilby or bowler coupled with a fine Kaiser Bill is very much the order of the day).

I would have joined Rachel, Justin, Tim, Davide and D-Notice, but my protest would have been that “Political protests are a waste of time and effort”. That and I had work to do this evening…

Nonetheless, I eagerly await post-match analysis from all involved – though Justin already has a few pics up here

Update: A couple of screengrabs – first of our Rachel with her “7/7 inquiry now” sign, second of our Justin with his “Legalise everything” one. Both times they’re on the left (fnarr fnarr) of my old friend, BBC London’s Gareth Furby (the chap who interviewed me during that St John Ambulance piss-up I set up last year):

What japes, eh?

Update 2: Piccies via Justin and Davide.