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The Sharpener’s not dead – it was only resting…

It is, however, now back – so pop over and give us some encouragement / praise for finally getting our arses in gear and reviving the bloody thing. Expect more posts throughout the week of a rather better quality than that relaunch one by yours truly…

Update: In other long-overdue news, Berlusconi’s FINALLY resigned! Hurrah!


  1. Re: Berlusconi… You notice that while he's resigned he hasn't actually conceded? The line seems to be "We still got more votes, but there's no point going on about it".

    I have this horrible feeling he'll be back.

  2. I guess Prodi never did get that phone call then. I love the way Berlusconi bangs on about 'resigning'. He was sacked by Italians (well most of them…just). Still he's gone, for the moment at least.

    *sighs with relief*