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A deportation inanity, pot/kettle name-calling, and local elections quickie

It’s a real shame that Australia’s no longer simply a prison colony – it’d solve so many problems. Perhaps they could convert part of the Outer Hebrides instead? (I wouldn’t put it past them, actually…)

As it is, we’re now apparently planning on deporting people to pretty much anywhere that’ll take them, whether the deportation is deserved or not, and whether they have any connection to the country to which they are going to be deported or not.

But hey – as long as the Daily Mail’s happy, who cares, right?

In other news, at PMQs today,

“Mr Blair accused Mr Cameron of using a ‘prearranged soundbite’.”

For Christ’s sake – grow up, you pathetic bunch of morons.

Not a single party deserves either your vote or mine. I’ve read dozens of election pamphlets over the last few weeks – the only difference has been the colour-scheme. It looks like I’ll either be spoiling my ballot paper or not voting in an election for which I’m eligible for the first time since I hit 18.


  1. The state of national politics depresses me so much right now I've actually made a real effort to engage for the first time in local elections, reading the manifestos and endless leaflets and e-mailing my local candidates about issues that concern me. And for the three main parties, I'd agree with you.

    However I've been immensely impressed at the knowledge, commitment and honesty I've had in response from the Green party. They have a chance of their first ever seat where I live (Lambeth) and I'll be voting for them for that reason and the fact they sound like they'll be a real breath of fresh air.

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