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  1. You know why, old chap.

    Prescott's story is sexy (no, hear me out) and everyone likes a bit of sex, no matter how much it may put them off their lunch.

    Clarke's story is about foreigners, and that always perks up people's attention, especially if you can link it to crime.

    Next to these, Hewitt being shouted at and being patronising in reply looks a bit lame if you're an editor.

  2. Oscar, you are on the mark, old son. It actually SUITS the Government to have the press focusing on Dirty John.No threat to national security, no long term damage, just a good old fashioned sex scandal which, when everyone has finished huffing and puffing in that self obsessed moralistic way that they always do when these things happen-check out Amanda Platell in the MoS- it's classic- will all go away. It helps Tony to get rid of the blustering pillock he only tolerated to give him a shred of cred with the unions, and Charles Clarke, Pat Hewitt, and of course, the cash-for-peerages scandal all slink away almost un noticed.The burning question is…. if Dirty John is forced to resign, but Clarke isn't, where does leave things credibility wise? Or will Dirty John go quiet for a bit, then announce his "retirement" followed by the inevitable elevation to the Lords?Meanwhile, the government allow hundreds of dangerous men on the streets EVERY DAY, but no-one says owt 'cos they're British……….