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It’s not racist to impose limits on immigration

It is, however, incredibly likely to appeal to and stir up racist sentiment. And it certainly IS racist to put up anti-immigration posters in close proximity to immigrant businesses and places of worship.

Michael Howard is not a racist. But he is fully aware of the racist, xenophobic sympathies he is appealing to, and his anti-immigration campaign is designed merely to stir up fear of the “other”. This is how pogroms start – something of which Howard, considering his heritage, should be fully aware. Manipulate petty xenophobia and racism for political ends and soon the “petty” part ends up dropped. For short-term political gain, Howard is risking a long-term entrenchment and expansion of genuine racism – something which is not, and never has been, part of the British way of life.


  1. This is indeed a very touchy issue. The issue of unintegrated immigrants is a legitimate one. Immigrants who do integrate into a host society should be welcome with open arms.

    It is the unintegrated immigrants who are the ones who resort to criminality (whether it be religous or thuggish criminality) and deserve to be handled appropriately, deported or incarcerated. Criminally-minded unitegrated immigrants should be treated as any law breaker, with the added option of deportation.

    Law-abiding integrated immigrants are a source of great strength for any country. Painting with a broad brush of "all immigrants" are bad is truly short-sighted and drives many integrated immigrants into the camp of the unitegrated.

  2. I do agree with everything that you've said. I would like to add that it is politician's goal to educate the masses. The immigration problem has a lot to do with the British and European foreign policies on developping countries. This issue is just the tip of the iceberg. Limiting the number of immigrants will not solve anything.

    The core problem is that most immigrants are economic refugees. Most of them will be happy to return to their countries if given the chance. They will stop flocking to Europe when it will decide to : stop subsidising its industries to allow fair trade to happen, and stop interfering with developping countries' affairs (among other things). Why would anyone risk his/her life to go all the way to the UK or Europe? People need to think about this.

    Michael Howard wants people to think that this is a very simple issue. It is not. He would gain a lot more credibility and trust by explaining what an economic refugee is and what he plans to do about it. People need to see a clear direction not just random promises. All I'm saying is not extraordinary, it's common sense. Michael Howard is not stupid and he is aware of the relations between foreign policy and immigration.

    Instead I just see a man encouraging racial tensions and driving people to vote BNP istead of conservative.

  3. I dont see any problem with that poster in an "immigrant" area because the people should not be regarded as immigrants.
    Immigration is not just about ethnic minorities,the vast majority of newcomers are european,and ethnic minorities are just as affected.Tribalism should not be tolerated.When someone lives in this country his loyalty should be to this country and everyone so should be respected equally.

  4. And I'd agree with you Robin if we lived in Utopia. What about the "It's not racist…" poster placed near a mosque that had "pakis out" sprayed on it? Some John Bullshit somewhere is clearly regarding these people as immigrants whether they're loyal to this country or not.

  5. Justin,
    The person who sprayed the graffiti is nothing to do with the historical figure of John Bull.I hope the worshippers at the mosque dont consider themselves "pakis" but English which would make the daub as superfluous as Hugeuneots out.

  6. Haha "it's not racist to impose limits on immigration". As soon as I read that I heard it spoken in HOwards voice (sometimes we get to see UK Political ads here in the U.S.). It's true what he said thoug, and it's even truer what you said, about him appealing to the xenophobic elements of British society. But I know a number of Brittish Asians and all of them were born in the UK. SO i don't understand what the reactionary peoples plan is? Immigration limits won't put drain the colour out of Britain. The largest "immigrant" community (South Asian) is mostly a native community now. THe immigrants now are Europeans.