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General election blog roundup 9

Up now courtesy of the blogger formerly known as Chicken Yoghurt. He’s attempted to abolish the numbering system, the bastard, but I shall continue to fight the good fight…

Also over at the General Election Blog I’ve put up another post related to my ongoing attempts to work out who to vote for, based on a campaign questionnaire that came through the letterbox today. May be of interest to some, at least…

Update: My local Lib Dem candidate has now emailed. He’s read my commentary on the questionnaire, think’s I’ve got some points wrong, reckons others are amusing and that others still are helpful. Also makes moderately reasonable points about why I should abandon a Labour MP with whom I agree on most things for his party. Some of the reasoning seems taken straight off the Backing Blair site… Seems like a nice enough bloke. I shall continue to ponder.

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