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Bye bye Berlusconi

So, farewell, then
Dodgiest democratically-elected dude
And longest-serving Italian premier for decades.
You followed Bush
Like a loyal pup,
But your corruption
And control of Italy’s media,
Plus your arrogance
And self-pardoning ways,
Makes me glad you’re gone,
Albeit only for now.

(With apologies to E.J. Thribb)


  1. Unfortunately this is probably UDC coalition-partner posturing. He'll be back in the big man's chair by next week, I reckon.

  2. Almost certainly. But you never know…

    Of course, if he does end up out on his arse, Italy will almost certainly return to the ongoing instability which has characterised the political scene there since Mussolini got kicked out. Which wouldn't be overly useful, it must be said…

  3. speaking of arrogance:….

    shameless plug, sorry.

  4. N – I'm not so sure. I was in Italy 2 weeks ago when the regional elections that started all this instability happened. The left made huge gains – Berlusconi's Casa delle Liberta coalition turned 8 regional governorships into 2, the left now holding power in 11. Only Lombardy and Veneto are now run by Forza or allies – the first because they're rich and usually vote right, the second because they're poor and usually vote right (with a history of voting far right). Even Piedmont and Lazio (the second AN heartland) are now run by leftists. Puglia in the south elected a gay communist, quite unbelievably for this most traditional of regions. Italy is changing I think. My guess is that Berlusconi will scramble round for a deal, and will take any deal he can get because a general election right now would almost certainly see a stable left-wing government installed.