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Veritas to sue Veritas?

Judging from my visitor logs, the software giant Veritas has suddenly become aware of Kilroy’s Veritas, and is trying to find out more. Well, here’s the new party’s official site – complete with contact details and an option to donate your hard-earned cash to the cause.

It is worth pointing out at this juncture that “VERITAS” is a trademark of the Veritas software company.

Now I’ll admit to being no lawyer, but if the software Veritas (which was founded in 1989, rather than at 10:30 this morning) wanted to sue old Kilroy for nicking their name, their $1.75 billion annualized revenues (whatever that may mean) should be more than enough to take the permatanned git to court and crush his pathetic little party at the get-go.

Come on, real Veritas, sue this imposter Veritas now – they’re tarnishing your good name! Please? It’d be funny, and the people of Britain would be eternally grateful…

11pm update: Some people seem to be taking this whole Veritas thing a tad too seriously. First, via Manic, someone seems to think they’ve found a Veritas conspiracy. Then, it turns out that some of the other members of the lunatic fringe are getting attracted to Kilroy’s own particular brand of insanity to boot:

“the Right has been looking for the equivalent of a Haider, a Fortuyn or a Le Pen to lead it on. Now, Kilroy may not be a Haider or Le Pen, but the parellels with Fortuyn are there to see. Fortuyn was a media host who took a big risk (ultimately a fatal risk) to speak out about immigration and Islamicisation). He left the Liveable Netherlands Party to set up his own list to fight the elections… Now, if Fortuyn was the only way a party of the radical Right could obtain a decent share of the vote in the Netherlands, should we not consider that Kilroy may be the only way an anti-EU, anti-immigration, anti-PC party can come to the fore in this country?”

This is a parallel and a suggestion which has been made before. As such it worries me. Rather a lot. (Although even if the total membership of the Populist Party joins Veritas, Kilroy still won’t have enough people for a game of football, so I don’t know why…)