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Kilroy’s back! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

He’s only gone and finally done it! Yep, Europhobia’s favourite nutter Robert Kilroy-Silk has finally launched his new party – called Veritas as expected – which purports to be focussing on asylum and immigration, but not much else by the look of things.

A racist bigot basing sparse policies around his prejudices? There’s a surprise…

Apparently the party (which seems thus far only to have Kilroy as a member) will be aiming to win over everyone who has “been made to feel ashamed of their culture and being British” – everyone, that is, except those who may be British but also have Irish, Scottish, Pakistani, French, German, Russian, African, Iraqi or Arab heritage… Or any other foreign blood for that matter.

What an absolute dick.

Edit: My bad, there is another member. So, here they are – the Veritas party. Aren’t they beautiful? So virile and sexy. They’ve got my vote…

Edit 2: He’s just so damn gorgeous I couldn’t resist another picture: