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Referendum question approved

The Electoral Commission has announced that “Having considered the proposed referendum question against our published guidelines, the commission believes that the question to be put to voters is intelligible.”


Oddly they also said that “The commission is also satisfied that the question makes it immediately clear what decision the voter is being asked to make, and that the level of public awareness surrounding the European constitution and the referendum process will be sufficiently high to remove any necessity of having an introductory paragraph.”

Really? Public awareness will be sufficiently high to understand the ramifications of an overly-complex 300 page document, analyse the relative importance of the pros (of which there are some) and cons (of which there are also some), and then make a sound judgement based around a combination of their grasp of the specific document, an understanding of the current organisational and accountability structures of the European Union, the potential impact that the recent enlargement to 25 member states could have on current working methods, Britian’s political, economic and cultural relationships with her European neighbours, and the relative likelihoods of future economic growth or stagnation should the existing structures be either altered or left as they are?

I can’t say I’m convinced…

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