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Everyone hates the UKIP

In my continuing trawl of blog type things, I happened across this little entry from a eurosceptic blog I noticed a while back. Sounds like the UKIP MEPs are (surprise, surprise) a bunch of thugs. However,

“Strangely, although there were journalists present, nothing of the fracas reached the pages of the UK national press. Nor was there any report published of Kilroy-Silk’s campaigning speech in Hartlepool last Saturday, even though the venue was well attended by “Fleet Street’s finest”.

“Described as “overtly racist” by one observer, one wonders why more was not made of it.”

My own views of Kilroy have already been aired. The guy is not charming, intelligent or amusing, he’s a tit. As are the rest of the populace of his sorry party. It started off as a fairly respectable, if misguided, coalition – now it is just a joke:

“the UKIP MEPs are regarded as “English buffoons” in the European parliament, a bunch of clowns who do not have the first idea of what they are doing”

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