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“I need you to help me now, Mr Blair,

because you are the only person on God’s earth who can help me… I don’t want to die, I don’t deserve it and neither do the women deserve to be prisoners… Mr Blair, I am nothing to you. It’s just one person in the whole of the United Kingdom, that’s all. With a family like you’ve got a family, with children, like your children, your boys, your wife. Please, you can help, I know you can. These people are not asking for the world, they’re asking for their wives and the mothers of their children.”

For fuck’s sake. Kenneth Bigley will almost certainly be dead by the end of today. No concessions are going to be made to his kidnappers (no concessions HAVE been made, despite appearances yesterday) and he will be beheaded on video like the rest.

Was it worth it, Mr. Blair? Was your pathetic excuse for your illegal war worth it?

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