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Crap CAP

Good point, well made. It certainly is about time to sort out the CAP – probably the EU’s single biggest failure, I can’t deny it.

However, opening up the EU market to third world nations probably wouldn’t make that much of an impact in itself, as they’d likely find transport costs prohibitively expensive and wouldn’t be able to compete with local produce (which would, under any kind of CAP reform, almost certainly remain subsidised). I mean, have you noticed the price of “Fair Trade” coffee? It’s extortionate in comparison to the often equally decent “unfair” alternatives…

What would certainly make a difference is if the EU stopped dumping its surplus on poorer nations, thus driving down prices and making it practically impossible for the local agrarian economies to flourish. There have been suggestions that the EU’s surplus produce could be given away as aid, but that wouldn’t help stimulate depressed third world economies either. It’s the whole “give a man a fish” scenario all over again.

In any case, nice to see another Euroblogger, even if I imagine we probably disagree on more issues than not…

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