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I’m a 2008 Weblog Awards finalist

How exciting. Last time was 2005, when I did singularly poorly in the face of tough competition.

This time I’m up against the usual suspects of Dale and Guido (each with a daily readership that this blog would struggle to get in half a year, by their own accounts), mentalist lefty Neil Clark (who won last year by getting out the Socialist Workers/Respect/We hate Chimpy Bushitler vote), barking right-wing Islamophobic harridan Melanie Phillips, and a bunch of others I’m not familiar with, and which aren’t linked, making checking them out tricky.

In the Best European Blog (non UK) category, good to see Kosmopolito and Siberian Light get nods (though how is a Russia-focussed blog European, and how is it non-UK when the guy who runs it is London-based, like me?).

More details, no doubt, when the proper voting pages are up. And more posts from me at some point soon – it’s been a rather busy couple of weeks…

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