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Welcome to 2009

Nothing changes, it seems. Just like 2008, 2009 promises to bring yet more Russian sabre-rattling and European fears about the continent’s long-term energy security.

Also time to welcome in the Czech EU presidency. With the Czech Republic currently being run by the neoliberal, eurosceptic Civic Democratic Party of President Václav Klaus and Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek – a party that’s already begun to align itself with Declan Ganley’s new anti-Lisbon Treaty Libertas movement – it could prove an interesting six months.

With the EU still stuck in a deadlock until the Irish question is sorted, will Klaus – increasingly a hero of the eurosceptic right EU-wide thanks to his repeated anti-EU pronouncements (even calling for the EU to be scrapped altogether back in 2005) – be able to use his elevated position over the next six months to advance the eurosceptic cause?

Substantive posts soon, honest. I’ve got a real-world deadline for the 5th, though, so need to prioritise.


  1. One hopes so, for all our sakes.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  2. Our, good old Václav Klaus. It seems that the Czech government shares your concerns and appear to be keeping him on a very tight lead….thank-fully the President of the Czech Republic is a symbolic role…and Václav Klaus is a symbol of why not to listen to economists.

    Of course, there is a case for letting the nutter of his lead, give the man enough rope and he will hang himself…though also embarrassing the good people of the Czech Republic.

    Its not his anti-Europeanism that is the most worrying aspect, but his flat-earthing regarding climate change. According to of Václav Klaus its a big conspiracy by left-green fascists. He wanted the IPCC to produce a second report that said the opposite….I am not quite sure what his thinking is. Imagine going to the doctors, getting bad news, and instead of getting treatment asking for another report to be written which said the opposite…you can live in happyness, until you drop dead.

    He is no ones Czech mate, thats for sure.

  3. Do you think he should have been insulted by that Cohn Bend MEP and other EU flunky ?