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Next post less dull, honest

HNY all – sorry for the lack of posts. Some delightful types had managed to do something or other to one of the back-end php files that run this place (notably admin.php, though I’m sure there are less obvious ones knocking around), preventing me from posting for ages.

Judging from a quick look at Technorati, this is not just a problem that’s affected me, as I’m receiving invisible, spam-style links from countless Wordpress-powered blogs – like this one and this one – which aren’t themselves spam. Looks like they’ve been affected by the same problems I’ve had, only not realised it yet.

Perhaps this is part of the peril of using free software, getting what you pay for and all that. The template I based the look of this place on had, I later discovered, a bunch of spam links embedded in it (prompting Google to send me an email saying it was de-indexing me). Thought I’d sorted it, though. And it still doesn’t entirely explain the huge amounts of bandwidth I’ve apparently been using over the last few months, despite posting levels having dropped to near-nonexistent.

So, looks like a Wordpress reinstall and – quite possibly – yet ANOTHER blog redesign to try and clean the place up and get rid of the dodgy code that’s evidently screwing everything up. Joy.

All of which is by way of saying expect little from me for another couple of weeks at least – I’m off to Japan in a few days anyway and, on getting back, sorting code is likely to be the first priority.

Promise: next post less dull.

Update:: Ah, here we go. Can anyone explain how the fuck this ended up on my site? Bastard spammers have hijacked me.

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