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A quick honesty poll

Earlier this morning I went to the cashpoint, only to discover £120 sticking out of the machine. No sign of anyone about, even after a couple of minutes of waiting.

So, am I an idiot for picking up the money and taking it in to the Tesco the machine’s attached to, then handing it in to the manager? I doubt taking it myself would have been illegal – but I’ve been pondering this all day and am now beginning to kick myself. What would you have done?

In other news, sorry for the lack of posting – I’ve been insanely busy with books to edit, articles to write, and insanely long shifts to work, so have had no time to discuss any of the many European political developments that have kicked off this month, from Gordon’s belated treaty signing to the surprise announcement that Putin’s successor is going to be one of his many anonymous former St Petersburg cronies who no one had ever thought of as a successor.

With any luck, I may be able to do a catch-up later this week. But, for now, I’m bloody knackered. (And no, I’m not looking forward to the Christmas holiday, because I’m not getting one – I’m working Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and am likely to only have about four days off – including weekends – between now and the end of January. Fun…)

Oh, and apologies to anyone who’s been unable to leave comments recently – I’ve had a couple of queries. It seems that the Bad Behaviour plugin for Wordpress decided that everyone on the internet is a spammer. Me included, in fact – it wouldn’t even let me post this until I disabled it…


  1. I doubt taking it myself would have been illegal

    It could be considered “Theft By Finding”, although someone with more legal knowledge than myself would be required to confirm whether or not I’m right.

    Console youself with a warm moral glow, at least until the credit card bill for Christmas comes in.

  2. Quite possibly illegal, but to be brutally honest I would certainly have taken it.

  3. I would have done the same as you, most probably.

    Some two months ago I had a similar dilemma in Sainsbury’s – I was queueing to pay my groceries and noticed a £20 note at feet of the guy who had just paid and was about to leave. I pondered it two seconds, then picked it up, tapped his shoulder and gave it to him.

    “Oh, thank you so much…but I don’t think it’s mine.” was the surprised answer. Then he, like me, pondered it two seconds, and walked away with his shoppings and the money.

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