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Last night of the Summer

Last Night of the Proms

It was a good day – almost enough to make up for the rest of this summer being so interminably grey and boring. We won the football, we won the rugby and we won the cricket. Then it was all wrapped up with a picnic in Hyde Park and the last night of the Proms, singing Land of Hope and Glory, Rule Britannia, Jerusalem and God Save the Queen in a group in which I was the only Brit. Hurrah!

(But why were us poor sods in the park subjected to such an interminable amount of Will sodding Young for Christ’s sake? I’m sure he’s a lovely chap and has a pleasant enough voice, but since when has blandly derivative manufactured pop counted as classical music?)


  1. Congratulations! mate on the three English wins . The picture looks fabulous .

  2. Blooming hell ! Getting patriotic are you ? Well if the worlds turning upside down I`m going to post money to the EU at Brussels.

  3. I’ve always been patriotic, Robin old boy. If you ever actually bothered to read what I write, rather than merely pop in from time to time to hurl mindless insults, you’d have realised that a long time ago.

    Anyway, what happened to your promise to only stop by here once a year on St George’s Day?

  4. Did I say that ? Well I`ve revised it then.

    Why do you keep asking me to read what you write ? I would if anything useful would come of it, but that would include a debate on the topics posted, and you`re not for that. Remember I told you I first came here to test whether I should be EUrosceptic ? Your foulmouth bigheaded comments showed I should be.

    I`m glad you`re on their side.

  5. *sigh*

    In an attempt to understand your ongoing problems with me, I’ve just checked through every comment you’ve ever made on my blog (I’m too tired after a long work trip to manage anything more constructive).

    This was your first comment – short and to the point:

    If you check my replies to that first comment of yours – a good two and a half years ago – you’ll see that I, erm, DID debate you rather fully. To the extent that my first reply alone was longer than the original post.

    But within two days you had wandered off the point, making anti-EU comments on utterly unrelated posts:

    A month or two later (and bearing in mind that we were coming up to a general election), you started asking my opinion about points on which the BNP were then campaigning:

    And mentioning parties other than the main three as being worthy of votes (in itself perfectly true, combined with the last comment, it got me worried thanks to previous run-ins with BNP supporters):

    This suspicion was heightened when you began defending BNP leader Nick Griffin – but please note I STILL came back to you in a civilised, polite, discursive manner:

    And again (me asking you directly about the BNP thing, then apologising for even thinking it):

    From here on out, however, you started going completely off topic, cropping up in the comments to every post I made slagging off the EU whether it was relevant or not, and I started to get bored (not least because I’d repeatedly told you about my “no off-topic comments” policy). So I began to ignore you – at which point you went away for several months.

    Here’s the thread where you first accused me of being insulting (in September 2006, a good 18 months after you first cropped up on my blog) – after I initially made a sarcastic response to your unsupported, only vaguely on-topic comment, and then followed up with two long, considered responses to your own follow-ups:

    Eventually I got exasperated, and asked you to sod off and bother someone else (hardly the rudest or most foul-mouthed request ever made, and certainly not personal). Your response? “You are a foulmouth,selfimportant,loser.”

    You, dear boy, were the first to throw a direct insult. In fact, as far as I can tell I’ve never insulted you directly, merely asked you to go away – because my repeated attempts to engage you in proper debate over a period of several months have proved utterly futilile.

    Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.

  6. Oh its like that is it ?

    A long post and there seems to be a lot of references to the BNP, as though you wish to taint by association.

    I`ll look through later your references to earlier posts, but as you know, I brought the subject round to the EU (I thought the reason for this blog ) and just got swearing abuse. If i later see i was wrong I will apologise but I doubt that will happen.

    Soory but you just confirm that It`s right to be anti-EU and people with a BBC mindset like you are bigoted.

  7. I’ve been frequently tempted to swear at your continued blinkered preconceptions, old dear, but despite hunting through past comment threads where you’ve appeared, I have yet to find a single example where I have. You have me confused with someone else.

  8. Oh yes. I see I forgot the exact swear word I thought it was another one.Or did you change it ?

    On margot`s blog the moderator gives you a mention. I don`t feel I can let that pass uncommented on. So you have an opportunity to show what you`re like there (although you could post there any time).

    Good liuck.