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Come on, Poland…

Get rid of at least one of the psycho twins now that you’ve got a general election two years early. Poland should always have been at the forefront of the 2004 EU intake’s push for serious reform – but thanks to the Kaczynski brothers it has instead ended up both isolated and one of the EU’s biggest internal problems.

For more on the run-up to the Polish parliamentary vote that decided on a snap general election, check out always tip-top Poland blog The Beatroot from a few days back (and again), and on the vote to dissolve parliament itself.

More from the Financial Times, Washington Post and International Herald Tribune.


  1. Your comments are much appreciated, Mr NoseMonkey.

    Whether the election will produce desired change …well, I just don’t know. Somehow the present government has retained an amazing amount of support throughout two years of comical nonsense.

    I think lots of people who lost out in Poland after the changes like the Kaczynski brothers having a go at the Polish oligarchs (a bit like the Russian ones but not wealthy enough to buy up Chelsea FC).

    And already in the election campaign Kaczynski has been having a go at the Germans – they are trying to take over Europe, you know…

    That kind of crap – it’s populism, without much substance – is good election fodder. The opinion polls put the two main parties neck and neck. And after the election will be more coalition horse trading which could last months. So will Poland suddenly calm down?


  2. if they’re sticking it to the Empire, they must be okay.

  3. Come again?

  4. Does he mean the Soviet Empire? If he does then call a doctor.

  5. I guess you two missed Barosso’s speech describing the EU as an empire. Not to worry, you can find it on You Tube.

  6. Does anbody see a similarity between Poland and the UK?

    Driving hard to limit progress for us Europeans as a whole, finally agreeing after watering down the agreement, then reneging on the agreement, and then staring the whole process all over again …

    Instead, three things are needed: democracy, effectiveness and solidarity, all at a European level.

    Ralf Grahn

  7. Ralf,

    sorry but you’re talking nonsense. I don’t give a flying f*** about democracy at a European level – I want it in my country. Your analysis of the Polish and UK governments is also wrong. If you think the French, for instance, don’t drag their feet and hold things up when it suits them, you’re crazy.