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Fancy writing for the Washington Post / Newsweek?

Well I just have (sort of), and you can too (sort of).

A couple of weeks ago I had an email from a chap from the Post who’s currently chugging around the world investigating how the world sees America, and whether there really is any truth to that anti-Americanism nonsense we’re always told exists (my take on that little business here, albeit from a couple of years back).

I ended up meeting him for a few beers as he happened to be in London at the time, and ended up suggesting that – as he’s reporting in blog format – it might be an idea to get a few guest bloggers from around the world to chuck in their two cents.

So here’s his call for entries (which may or may not receive some cash, depending on what the powers that be at the Post / Newsweek decide), along with my inaugural guest post – a (relatively simplistic, for Brits) little introduction to Gordon Brown’s likely attitude towards the US.

Go on, give it a bash – any aspect of your own country’s relationship with the US, how you personally feel about the land of the free, whether it really is the home of the brave, whatever. Hate Bush? Love Hollywood? Blame America for everything that’s bad in the world? Praise America for preventing the USSR from conquering the world? Write about it, send it off, and you can brag about being in one of America’s best newspapers (sort of).

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