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On comment spam, lack of inspiration, French politics and poor translations of Herodotus

Note to the internet:

Just because I haven’t posted much of late doesn’t give you permission to bombard my site with comment spam, you bastard.

Note to regular readers (if I’ve got any left after so few posts):

Sorry, I’ve been a bit busy in the real world of late. Plus utterly uninspired by anything that’s been going on either in Britain or Europe – when I’ve had the time to check out the news, at any rate.

Still, Sarkozy’s been getting up to some interesting stuff – if you want to get up to speed, try a combination of this overview from the Economist’s Europe blog (plus this follow-up), Politique (formerly French Election 2007), France Politic (formerly France Decides 2007), and the English-language version of Le Figaro. If you can read French, the best places to start exploring the (exceedingly healthy) world of French political blogs are probably des Blogs Francophones combined with Versac‘s blogroll, and a handy thematic breakdown of what the French press is saying can be found at News Blogs.

Right, now I’m off to read Herodotus before getting on with some work – but am currently hugely frustrated with the Aubrey De Selincourt Penguin Classics translation (following the 1970s clean-up). It’s AWFUL. Anyone want to recommend a better one? Ideally comprehensively annotated, but the most important thing is simply for it to be readable…

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