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A bit of self-promotion

The book like wot I wrote on Tim Burton a few years back is being reissued today in a shiny second edition.

First published in July 2002, they sadly didn’t have the funds available for an update, so it only takes his career up to the decidedly shoddy Planet of the Apes “re-imagining”. It does, however, have a lovely foreword from the great Martin Landau, an afterword from Oscar-winning production designer Rick Heinrichs (whose work has most recently been seen in the Pirates of the Caribbean films), and contributions from the likes of Glenn Shadix (Otho in Beetlejuice, amongst others) and Ed Wood screenwriters Scott Alexander and Larry Karazewski – and also features the first ever plot summary/review of Burton’s lost 1982 student film Luau. And despite the fact I wrote it the best part of six years ago, it’s still surprisingly decent.

You can buy now it at the very reasonable discounted price of £6.59 from Amazon (it may say it’s out tomorrow, but it’s actually in shops from today, I’ve been told).

Update: Forgot to mention – it was also favourably reviewed in the Guardian by our very own Steven Poole. Which should, hopefully, count for something…

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  1. I was an extra in Planet of the Apes and got personal direction from the great man himself! When I say ‘personal direction’, I mean that he insisted I eat the eel-on-a-stick I’d been given as a prop and assured me it ‘tastes like chicken’. It was a rubbish film and the eel didn’t taste like chicken at all, but it was still one of the most joyous film jobs I’ve had. Watching that man work, he is so clearly having a wail of time doing what he loves that you cannot help but be inspired.