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Oh dear… *snigger*

Barely has the new far-right European Parliament group “Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty” managed to form than it is starting to fracture.

What is it about these nationalist types that makes them so prone to infighting? (As if we didn’t know…) And why does it always seem to be a former UKIP person who’s responsible? It used to be Kilroy, this time it’s Ashley Mote, an independent British MEP who was booted out of UKIP over allegations of fraud and tax evasion (he’s still trying to evade going to court by claiming immunity as an MEP and taking his case through European Courts – rather entertainingly for someone who wants Britain to pull out of the [tag]EU[/tag] because it provides us with no benefits…)

And why has Mote caused a ruckus? Well, at the press conference launching the new grouping of mismatched nationalists, patriots, xenophobes, racists, Holocaust-deniers and fascists, he accused one of his fellow members of being a bit silly and politically inexperienced for publicly denouncing “the Jewish establishment” and attempting to justify his hatred of gypsies.

Wait, someone on the far right not liking the Jews? Whatever next?

Mote, please note, did not tell off his fellow MEP for being so silly as to use the term “the Jewish establishment” as if we were still in the early 1930s. He didn’t point out that, erm, that’s at best sailing fairly close to anti-Semitism. Nope, he told him off because

“‘I think the comments… reflect the inexperience and lack of political nous of the young man concerned.'”

To translate:

“How could you be so bloody stupid? We’ve only just formed this group and have to try to con people into thinking we’re not fascists for a bit – lay off the anti-Semitism, gypsy-bashing and public hate of anyone who doesn’t conform to your prejudices for just a little bit, can’t you? I know you’re an eastern European and you guys aren’t exactly known for your brains, but really… Bloody foreigners…”

This new lot could be fun…