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If you’re in London tonight and at a loose end

Then hie thee to the Plantaganet gothic splendour of Southwark Cathedral (by London Bridge), for 8pm.

Last night I caught a really rather excellent performance of the Ludus Danielis, a sung play (being pitched as a sort of proto-opera) dating from around 1230 with some of the finest early music you’re likely to find. I know this runs the risk of sounding insanely pretentious, but there’s something about the play of choral latin off gothic stone pillars, and the mingling of simple melodies from instruments so old you won’t even know their names (precursors to the violin, lute and bagpipe among them) that makes for one of those rare experiences where you come out of a performance and simply can’t stop smiling.

Nonetheless, yesterday and today are the only two performances at Southwark (although I believe they may be taking it to Kings, Cambridge later in the month), and last night there was a depressing number of empty seats. Tickets range from £10 to £30, can be bought via the Barbican or on the door. I’m no music critic, so won’t even attempt to give the thing a full review, but it really was superb.

(Back to politics in a bit, no doubt…)

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