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More on the EU and gas

Via La Russophobe, new(ish) blog has more on [tag]Europe,/tag]’s dependence on [tag]Russian gas[/tag], noting that

“[tag]Russia[/tag] has an almost perfect monopoly over Europe – [tag]EU[/tag] members and former-Soviet nations – as the sole provider of [tag]Natural Gas[/tag].”

If that sounds alarmist, check out the handy illustration (shamelessly stolen), from a report from the Library of Congress’ Congressional Research Service, which amply illustrates why this is one of the most serious problems ever to have faced the EU:

Opinionist also cites an Energy Information Agency report which notes that Russia has 42% of the world’s known natural gas supplies, as well as a fair number of other interesting links. Worth a gander for a perspective from across the pond – and looks like one worth adding to the blogroll…

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