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The EU and Energy

Because our nutty neighbours [tag]Russia[/tag] and [tag]Belarus[/tag] are playing up again, energy disputes are in the spotlight once again. If the [tag]EU[/tag]’s largest economy’s being hit, guess what? Yep – a major overhaul of EU [tag]energy policy[/tag] is on the way. (Actually, that’s a hang-on from previous problems with eastern supplies, but still… Handy coincidence, eh?)

I’m certainly no expert on energy policy, so will mostly avoid this, except in the most general terms. One thing is certain, though – the struggle for power (electrical, not policial, lest my anti-EU chums get confused) is very likely to be the single biggest concern for the EU over the coming years, and could see all other concerns (the constitution, institutional reform, deregulation and the like) pushed to one side yet again.

The fact that these disputes are kicking off now may also mean – if you’re a believer in [tag]Peak Oil[/tag] theory – that the EU could well be the first part of the world to start feeling the impact as global fossil fuel supplies dwindle. Will she be able to get her act together enough to cope, or will the various Member States end up saying “sod it”, and negotiating unilaterally with our eastern, fuel-rich neighbours instead? Has energy got the power to end the EU?

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