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Blair has lost it – official

Check out this interview. Watch the video. The transcript doesn’t do it justice – you miss the long silences, the ums, the ers, the panicked look in his eyes whenever he’s asked a question, be it about Iraq, the honours inquiry, the Saudi arms deal, his legacy, the infighting within the Labour party, anything. A representative response:

“Yeah but you know, I think most people would accept that at least you know, there’s got to be some process of transition, if you’re saying, cos the whole context in which I was saying that was…”

This is a man so totally out of his depth, so confused, and so mired in a swirl of half-truths and little distortions that he has no possibility of maintaining any kind of control over his own inconsistencies and self-contradictions any more. His only resort when challenged is prevarication, meaningless half-sentences and, ultimately, the unjustified, not remotely backed up with argument or evidence to support it as viaible, statement: “Well I don’t accept that for a moment”.

Like watching a particularly slow and meaningless train wreck. Brilliant.