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A new(ish) EU blog roundup

Now being full-time freelance, I’ve had a bit more time to find some new blogs (aided by finally working out how to use RSS feeds effectively through the rather good Netvibes). However, I’m about to be heavily embroiled in a fairly major real-world editorial project (of which more once it’s finished – but, hint-wise, suffice to say it’s satisfyingly high-profile and has been in the news a lot this week…), so on the off-chance posting here declines over the next couple of weeks, it’s time to share recent English-language discoveries.

Combined with my Europe blogroll (and the EU countries in the regional expertise blogroll), these should cover all your EU news analysis needs. Some more may also be found in my new blogroll additions section (including a few tip-top recent discoveries with a UK focus). If I’m missing any good ones, let me know – it’s hard to keep track of everything…

In alphabetical order:

Aapotsikko – politics and stuff from Finland, going a while now, and a very handy Scandinavian perspective

Berlaymonster – going for a few months, and already getting up a good rep

Centre for European Reform blog – going a few months, and some good stuff on there

Conflict of Laws – gonig since April, but posting frequency has gone up a lot in recent months – an international law focus

Dysfunctional Jeff – started this week, and tackling the constitution so far

EuroMatt – very new, self-described as “cynical europhilia”, so I think I’m going to like him…

Euro Topics – has been going a while, and not really a blog, but looks useful (wish I’d found it sooner)

The Evil European – been going a while, but only recently discovered – appears to have a similar take on EU matters to my own (so naturally it’s good stuff)

Federal Union blog – campaigning for federalism, with some interesting perspectives

Globalclashes – a wider remit than most of these, taking in pretty much the entire world, and going a while now, but good on European matters

GlobaLab – ditto in its entirety

Jan’s EU Blog – his most recent entry being of a meeting he attended with Wallstrom and Barroso

Kosmopolit – going a few months, and going strong, Brussels-based and pro-EU

Liberty Alone – appears to be very new, but gives the impression of having been around for ages – another with a more global outlook, and top stuff

Marko Bucik – another very new one, looking good so far

Open Europe blog – going quite a while now – thought I’d blogrolled it already, in fact…

Stirred Up – a more cultural focus, with some politics chucked in

The Voice of Europe – from a Czech EU-enthusiast based in York