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New EU-sceptic blog on the block

Set up by dear old Devil’s Kitchen (utterly deluded when it comes to most matters political (he’s actually joined UKIP, for God’s sake…) but a stout fellow nonetheless – and he’d no doubt say much the same about me), is new blog The EU-nihilist, which promises to “bring together as much information about the mendacity of the European Union as possible into one place” to expose the “extent to which the MSM and our politicians disguise the massive role that the EU already plays in our politics and, thus, in our lives.”

I wish them well – although the apparent implication of some kind of conspiracy (especially in DK’s other introductory post) is, I fear, somewhat misplaced.

There are two reasons why the EU is sorely under-reported in the UK press, and ridiculously under-discussed in Westminster, neither of them part of a conspiracy:

1) No one really understands its Escher-like complexity.
2) It’s incredibly, vastly, suicide-inducingly boring.

Not part of a conspiracy – unless, of course, you reckon that the EU’s brain-bogglingly convoluted laws, procedures and interrelationships were deliberately set up to be as dull and inpenetrable as possible in order to steal all of our precious national rights, powers and suchlike. (Which actually, come to think of it, I’m fairly certain a lot of EU-sceptics probably do…)

In any case, if you happen to be a sceptic when it comes to the EU, they’re after more contributors (email DK if you’re interested). And it could prove a handy repository for EU stories – assuming, of course, that they can avoid some of the more rabidly insane rantings of much of the anti-EU brigade.

Word of advice to anti-EU types who may go and join in – the EU is tedious beyond belief, it is true, but trying to raise awareness of how much it affects the various member states (and it affects them immensely, no doubt) by shouting and screaming hyperbole, you’ll only be preaching to the converted (see the comments pages of EU Referendum – once excellent for its in-depth coverage, now unreadable for its over-the-top right-wing self-satisfaction – if you don’t believe me).

Keep it calm, keep it factual, you may yet win a few more converts to the cause – in fact, you should do anyway, because it’s infinitely easier to show the bad points of the EU than it is the good. Trust me, I’ve done both in my time…

I’ll be slotting the RSS feed in to my fancy hi-tech blog reader thing at any rate – although if I see the words “dhimmi” or “traitorous” on there even once, I’ll be cancelling my subscription…

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