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  1. And think, this is in an elite university. How do American police behave when dealing with the underprivileged? How do American security forces behave when dealing with foreigners?

    I hope that the tasered guy is okay, and the expected disciplinary action takes place with regard to the… well, yeah, pigs. But more than that, I hope that the graduates of UCLA become a little more observant of the violence that underpins American, and not only American, society.

    Alternatively, remember, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Works like a fascist charm, until you’ve seen, for yourself, the police behaving like brutes.

  2. I would like to add that I couldn’t see the porters at my uni behaving in this way. For one, they don’t have tasers.

    I’ve never been that happy with the enthusiasm for non-lethal weapons. This has nothing to do with disputing their ‘non-lethality’, and everything to do with, given such weapons, law-enforcers and security services will become incautious and blase about the use of force.

    There is a big difference between taking the decision to disperse a crowd by firing on it, and taking the decision to disperse a crowd by just a certain but non-lethal means, even if this means is some kind of modernity-fetishist pleasing gadget.

    A police state that only has guns kills people, but loses legitimacy quick. A police state that uses non-lethal weapons to control the populace can tell itself, and the apolitical mass, that it is not a police state after all.

  3. Oh (and I’m sorry about this) I’ll add some more. I’d like to know if the campus police would have behaved in such a way had the identity cardless student been a preppy white boy and not an Iranian-American.