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Somewhat busy…

Neeka has a roundup of Ukraine news responses in the wake of President Yuschenko teaming up with ex-President Yanukovych (the guy who supposedly poisoned him). Surely the Orange Revolution is dead? Is this simply yet another temporary alliance, a last-minute cop-out, or another sign of Yuschenko’s slow fall from power?

It’s not just Ukraine, though. The rest of eastern Europe’s also decidedly unstable. So where’s the next Vaclav Havel, and what’s he going to write about?

Talking of writing, more on blogging as a waste of time from the Economist.

Oh, and as much as I’m getting bored by the civil liberties thing, this can’t be ignored (even if the story is a load of rubbish, as I suspect):

“Gordon Brown is planning a massive expansion of the ID cards project that would widen surveillance of everyday life by allowing high-street businesses to share confidential information with police databases.”

Meanwhile, over in the Times, another ID story that might explain the Brown one, if true:

“Tony Blair�s identity card scheme could make up to �11 billion in �profits� for the government by imposing a range of additional charges on the public, a confidential Home Office memo claims.”

Then again, if Blair’s staying for at least another year, as the Sunday Telegraph claims, maybe Gordon won’t be held responsible when it’s too late to backtrack on the bloody things…

And now off to Fruitstock to listen to a load of bands I’ve never heard of and probably get pickpocketed… If you want more linky goodness to keep yourself occupied, check out the latest Britblog Roundup.

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