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Bloggers vs. columnists

Following Tim, Justin and (most comprehensively) Unity, I’ve had a bash at those Janet Street-Porter and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown articles on blogging from the other week, in the Press Gazette (out Thursday, apparently with a lovely piccy of yours truly…)Thursday update: The comment facility has been fixed.


  1. Top stuff, sir (you big sell out swine)

  2. This, you see, is why I've not been posting as much recently – I've had a sudden inundation of freelance work. And day-job work, for that matter. Money, sadly, takes precedence…

  3. Clive,

    You rock.

    Who you writing for, out of interest?

  4. One I can talk about is another piece for the TLS – three times as long and a lot more serious than anything I've done for them before – on the relationship between the interweb and politics. The other stuff is not yet quite 100% certain, so don't want to jinx it, but more my traditional area of film – having a meeting on Thursday that should confirm one way or the other. Would be very good if I get it though – only freelance, but it's a regular weekly thing, should easily be doable after work, and would significantly improve my finances…

  5. Excellent piece, of course.

    Although someone�s made the point before: Michael Bywater:

  6. Good old AOL.

    * There are currently no comments.

    Nor is there, in my browser, a comments facility. Anyway, I would only have said that it was good to read something smart on this topic. And I've said it now here.

  7. All very sensible of course, and I quite agree. Though I do think you missed an important point: namely that Janet Street-Porter is a walrus-faced non-entity with nothing of interest to say on any subject.