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Amateur Hour

The New Yorker – Amateur Hour:

“To live up to its billing, Internet journalism has to meet high standards both conceptually and practically: the medium has to be revolutionary, and the journalism has to be good. The quality of Internet journalism is bound to improve over time, especially if more of the virtues of traditional journalism migrate to the Internet. But, although the medium has great capabilities, especially the way it opens out and speeds up the discourse, it is not quite as different from what has gone before as its advocates are saying.”

Interesting article with good points well made – more on this particular subject from me in a few days, most likely… Busy as hell…


  1. Sorry, mate – I got as far as "Glenn Reynolds".

    I tried.

  2. Justin, read on a bit, once you get past Glenn's hyperbole it does start making some points.

    My proble, of course, is that it's conflating blogging with news journalism. Blogging is opening up debate and discourse, but commentary isn't news gathering, etc.

    Not a bad article overall, but some of the conclusions are a bit off I think. Was very glad I had the ability to turn off that goadawful font and layout they'd styled in though, much easier to read in verdana.