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Rachel’s luck…

Rachel’s had more bad luck, seemingly losing or having her passport stolen at the 7th July memorial service (which she attended, if you’re coming in late, due to being only a few feet away from the King’s Cross bomb) – which she’s only just discovered, meaning she’s likely to miss her long-planned, long-overdue holiday.Justin’s had an idea, Mat’s provided a template (though better to come up with your own as identially-worded letters/emails are instantly ignored) – email Home Secretary John Reid, who has met Rachel and is in charge of passports, and ask him to abuse his position to allow her to go overseas. Try Write to Them or email

No, this isn’t likely to happen – Rachel isn’t, after all, John Reid’s mistress’ nanny and Reid can hardly be seen to be fiddling the system (for what would be seen as little more than an attempt to generate positive PR) so soon after slagging his department off for being rubbish. Still, no harm in trying, eh?

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