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More buried news

More buried news (an ideal day this – keep an eye out, people): BBC – No charges follow Menezes ‘leak’

“No one is to face charges over the alleged leaking of confidential papers from the Jean Charles de Menezes shooting inquiry, it has emerged.

(Hat tip to Cedalion) Keep an eye on The Government Says and delightfully Orwellian-sounding Government News Network

Update: Here we go – the Insolvency Service has published the figures for the last quarter: up 7.6% on the last quarter, and 17% on the same period last year. That’s 1,428 compulsory liquidations, 2,011 voluntary liquidations, and 23,351 individual insolvencies. So much for Labour’s safe pair of hands on the economic tiller, eh? (Update 2: Maybe I read that wrong – the BBC says this is a 73% rise…

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