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  1. Am I alone in thinking that greed is an acceptable reason for going to war? "The Prince" talks about effeminate states and the consequances. We need Oil and frankly if Bush and Cheney are the only ones actually going to take the situation by the horns the fair enough.

    I dont like being at the mercy of arabs, especially when we have the superior military.

  2. And what about the blacks and their monopoly on The Groove? Why should they have all the best tunes?

    As well as natural resources we should be demanding our share of natural rhythm. With cluster munitions if necessary.

  3. Epi; quoting "The Prince" as a justification for anything is suspect; it's author didn't really mean a word of it, so taking it as good advice in the modern world is just a little bit daft, n'est ce pas?

    We don't need oil, we need a source of energy. Oil could be phased out with modern technology reasonably easily.

  4. Nosey…

    It looks like we finally more or less agree on something. More in the case of Iraq, less in the case of British socialism, which I know little about.

    This scares me.

    If I knew a counselor, I'd go see him.