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Britblog roundup 67

Britblog Roundup 67 is up, including something from me. And now I’m off to get drunk at a barbeque (which, no doubt, is an example of the utter lack of any politics or discussion of the EU that I’m told is endemic on this blog – in the first week in ages in which I’ve focussed almost exclusively on European affairs…)


  1. *cough*
    Week. Let's be charitable and count the front page, which currentl includes the Eurovision result from last Saturday. Does Eruovision count?

    So, European issues:
    Eurovision 1&2, Fighter crash, Montenegro, Scotland & EU

    Non European:
    Miliband's blog, Coach and Horses, Brian Haw, Gordon Brown, Iraq, This post.

    That's 5:6 in non-EU favour. Discounting phobits, it's 3:3

    almost exclusively on European affairs

    Nah. But then, I'm supposed to write mostly about consitutional issues and theory, it's what I set up to do. It's NuLab, they corrupt you, they're currently such easy targets it's hard to resist…

    However, on the subject of annoying commenters, this might be useful.

  2. Bugger, that was me, silly multiple IDs for sight admining…

  3. You've missed the 'return to God' in the Constitution. Now Germany is invoking the divine…