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Blog response time

Blog response time, example 56,798. Massive explosion at a major chemical works in the middle of the night. BBC News website reports at 1:03am (though it will have been updated by the time you read this in the morning). Blogs report at 12:44am and 12:52am. Doubtless there are more.(I guess that’s what you’d call “citizen journalism”, even though I hate the phrase…)


  1. Just a shame that one of them cites News 24 and the other cites local radio then!

  2. Pedant… I would have gone for this one, but there's no UK timestamp – I think that was 12:20ish though.

    (On a semi-related side-note, while searching through Technorati I've come to the conclusion that the words "explosion", "boom" and "bang" are massively over-used by bloggers…)

  3. Duncan, the one that cites local radio does so in her update post, the earlier post that says "what was that big noise – I think something just happened at the chemical factory" is at 12.32am here.

    I suspect, however, that I don't want to see have the sites that talk about bangs found via technorati. OK, maybe I don't want to admit to seeing them, but, well…

    Meh, not sold on blogging as news breaking system except in exceptional cases. News aggregation and comment, yes, but breaking stories? Can happen, does happen, but it's not what blogs do best.

    He says this in the full knowledge that a certain July 7th post was one of the things that got him interested in blogging in the first place of course…