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Is David Cameron a blogger?

Much like us pyjama-wearing spotty nerds, dwelling in our parents’ basements and obsessively updating our “online diaries”, the dear leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition seems very good at criticisng the way the government does things, but rather less capable when it comes to proposing workable alternatives*. To wit:

“Under a Conservative government, the climate change levy will be replaced by a more effective method of reducing carbon emissions”


“This is rubbish – if I were in charge I’d scrap it and replace it with *mumble mumble mumble* – so ner to you Mr Blair!”

Labour have been lampooning the guy as a chamelon. Considering the awe-inspiring speed with which he’s been changing the Tory party, a sloth would be more appropriate.

Oh for the days of a proper opposition with, you know, old fashioned things like POLICIES and stuff…

* Please note that I’ve come up with no workable policy solutions for Cameron in the course of this post. Oh, the irony, etc.