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A hatred of Charles Clarke

I know plenty of others have already flagged this, but our own Mr Worstall in today’s Times really is superb in his Charles Clarke demolition job. In fact, it would appear that a hatred of Charles Clarke – and the violently illiberal policies he consistently promotes – is one of the few areas of politics on which there is a consensus across blogland’s political divides.Yes, Blair needs to go – but until they slice out the cancer at the heart of the Labour party that is allowing the likes of Clarke to rise to positions of influence, none of them can be trusted. That cancer may be centred around Blair, but I fear it has already spread too far for the party to be saved without far more wide-ranging surgery…


  1. Which is precisely what I said when committing the unthinkable sin of criticising the Backing Blair campaign


  2. Personally I'm firmly of the opinion that national concerns should not affect local voting, but I can see Tim's point.

    Even so, the Iraq balls-up/ID cards/the new dental contract/detention without trial/Charles Clarke (all reasons why I won't currently vote Labour nationally) have nothing to do with my bins being emptied, and councils tend to be utter shite no matter which party runs them. Mine's got a big Labour majority and is actually fairly efficient – but I live in a fairly solidly Tory ward within the borough, so no matter who I vote for, it won't send a message.

    As such, I'm going to vote for the party/candidate with the most local knowledge and the best policies for the area. (Which judging from the campaign literature I've received so far is – by a whisker – the Tories. Although I may yet change my mind and spoil my ballot.)