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Why do I get the feeling that today’s PMQs could prove significant in a couple of years’ time when we get a few more leaks of classified documents? Oh, I know – it’s this explicit denial from the Prime Minister:

“Nobody is talking about a military invasion against Iran or military action against Iran. We are taking diplomatic action through the UN security council.”

One single bit of evidence of planning meetings discussing strategic missile strikes or the like against Iran prior to 19th April 2006 – Blair has lied to parliament. (And, please note, if they haven’t had some talks of this kind they’d be – from a strategic point of view at least – almost as insane as they would be to try and invade the place…)


  1. Totally agree and the advert against david cameron is a disgrace too. How much money is that going to cost us not to mention peerages

  2. The trap is baited and set. On your marks, get set, DIG!

  3. More concerning is the posting of NATO troops to Afghanistan – with no clear role, rotten supply chains , no air cover of our own (The Tornafdoes sent as a stop gap have come back) the first use of the Army Apaches in combat, the start of a wave of suricide bombings , IED's (4 Canucks killed yesterday) … for what ?

    Never debated (consensus politics old boy) discussed … anway the war game they next roll out is North Korea. Iran is a feint on the left flank…. don't believe me?… go see Bush's speech at the White House … he launched straight awayin to China DPRK links, then we had the "Falun Gong" woman who "slipped through security" (the WH?) and screamed away at the Western press and was politelty hustled away). Pres Hu gets the message.