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Hidden in the budget aftermath

That “glorification of terrorism” nonsense has just passed in the Lords. To say that the tactics of Nelson Mandela and his allies in opposing apartheid achieved a good thing and were laudible will shortly – technically – become illegal. Hurrah.

To cheer yourselves up after that, check out Blunkett’s pathetic excuses about that loans business, and join in the heckling in the comments. Great fun – Comment is Free proving its worth after a lackluster opening week.


  1. The other day, when i was out on my political march jaunt, I realised that one of the organisers was chanting "globalise the intifada".

    I suddenly was pulled aback. Um, if I join in, am I glorifying terrorism? Afterall, for Israelis the intifada was bombings and killings of civilans.

    This law is going to cause more problems than it solves.

  2. Those Blunkett comments are priceless… I do hope someone's reading them to him…