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Dark-skinned bearded types

It was always fairly obvious that dark-skinned bearded types (especially those with hooks for hands) wouldn’t find much sympathy when getting extradited to the US on terror charges. But since those bankers got done by the not even slightly reciprocal Extradition Treaty a few weeks back the pressure from middle England is mounting.

“Gareth Hardwick, a director of Staffordshire-based Grafton International, said: ‘I am outraged at the predicament UK executives find themselves in as a result of the extradition agreement the UK has with the US but the US does not have with the UK.

“‘It makes me fearful of any legislation connected with terrorism. The Government needs to act swiftly to protect those UK citizens already in the system.'”

Don’t threaten the white middle classes with your terror laws, Tony – they don’t like it up ’em, and are rather more inclined to vote than the usual targets…