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A 3rd anniversary random collection of things

It’s three years to the day since I started this place going, but I have precisely nothing profound or interesting to add to this post from August, celebrating a solid year of blogging. So have a random collection of vaguely interesting things instead:

First up, have a gander at an interesting interview with Chris Patten on Europe, the EU and the world, and the Boston Globe on why Europe’s economy may be doing better than many have assumed (both via the always excellent Political Theory Daily Review). Atlantic Rift on the Tories and the EU is also worth look – especially taken along with Patten’s judgement that David Cameron “doesn’t know very much” about the EU…

Also well worth a shufty – as there’s only a month to go before the elections there – is Cafe Babel’s series of articles on Italy – in particular this one on Berlusconi’s enduring electoral appeal:

“It would be too simple to dismiss Berlusconi’s voters as pitiable immature citizens without a sense of political responsibility”

Much the same could be said for people who still vote for Blair… So If you haven’t already, read the angry Rachel on the many reasons she’s pissed off with Labour. (Our dear messrs McKeating and Hamster on the fact that we’re being led by a man who reckons only his invisible friend can tell him what to do should also be on your reading list for today.) If you haven’t yet, also check out Liberty Central – still finding its way, but showing promise.

In any case, if you look at Belarus, we should count ourselves lucky we’ve only got Blair to cope with. Our man Worstall, meanwhile, highlights a prime example of ill-informed bullshit from a journalist/blogger seemingly claiming that Belarus is actually all honey and roses. Amusingly, immediately after telling us not to believe anyone who says that a dictatorship which routinely uses political violence is, erm… a dictatorship that routinely uses political violence, the chap posts bemoaning “the appalling arrogance of journalists who tell the families of murder victims not to feel angry” – methinks the irony may be lost on the chap… (How DO these people get work?) Update: There’s more on Belarus dodginess at Publius Pundit, Radio Free Europe and plenty of info at br23 blog, which will shortly be joining the blogroll.

Oh, and I’ve been tagged with a meme – but as it’s all about music, which for no apparent reason I never really listen to, my answer to all the questions would be “no idea”, so doubt it would make particularly interesting reading. Much like this post, really…

In other news, is it just me, or is Blogger getting increasingly shit? Comment spam is escalating, crappy spam blogs are everywhere, and the server seems to be going offline every other day. Perhaps it’s time to start pondering a move – anyone able to fill me in on the cheapest options?

Update: This week’s Britblog Roundup is up for more linky goodness…